Dancehall Artiste, Alexx A-Game, found it with his newest single, Real To di Link.The song is featured on Seanizzle’s ‘Lonely Road Riddim,’ which also features Bugle, ZJ Liquid, and more.
“The song has been getting some really good reviews, and i am thankful and happy for that,” said the Artiste. The Song is a true story influenced by very own real-life experiences. Although, its my own experiences, however, i found that many persons can relate. ‘Dem seh dem a yuh Hitta, Money pon yuh head dem same one a  pull di trigga.’ Does it get more real than that ? Just listen to the words of the song, and keep it ‘Real and True.’ Yuh understand, he stated.
Alexx’s reputation for creating thought-provoking lyrics did not fall short on “Real To DI Link.” The single aggressively took on a life of its own since its release, not only loved by Alexx’s fans, but by reggae lovers around the world. It has been getting major airplay Locally in the US, Europe and UK.
Seanizzle expressed how pleased he was working with Alexx and the overall reception of the song.
“Alexx A-Game is an Artiste i started to pay attention to  because of  the way he appplies himself in this generation of Reggae and danchall artiste. Not to mention the music he produces. So after completing the instrumental, it was a no-brainer to reach out to Alexx,  he didn’t hesitate after hearing the riddim and our mission,” Seanizzle added.
Alexx A-Game is also working on some new projects with various producers. Fans can also look out for the music videos and Upcoming shows for  the Summer.